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Hello, I'm Lily, and I paint dreamworlds.

I only post my art here.

Please DO NOT use/edit my art without permission or remove my source/watermark.

Anonymous sent: Hi! I'm in love with your work, sadly I wasn't able to make it to Unplugged Expo, so I was wondering if you'd be appearing at any other expos coming upon soon like FanFare? :D

Hey! I don’t know about FanFare but my next one will probably be Frostcon, which is next year in January. 

Anonymous sent: Hello! I can't go to unplugged expo, but one of my friends can and she can buy some posters for me. Is there any way of knowing which posters/postcards are still in stock so I can show her which ones I want? Also, what are the prices? Thank you!

Hey anon! For a list of postcards and bookmarks that are still in stock, you can check my storenvy. Postcards are $3 ea. or 2 for $5. I only have 1 design left for the bookmarks and it’s $2. 

As for posters, they’re $15 ea or 3 for $30. Here is a list of the ones I’ll have:


Brand New Day

The Silver Millenium

Last Night, Good Night

Moon Child


Snk: World Beyond

Spirited Away

Above & Beyond

Away with You

Hope that helps! :) 

Hey everyone! Happy to announce that I will be attending another con this weekend, Unplugged Expo (Toronto) ! It is a smaller con located in downtown, if you’re interested for some weekend fun come check it out, there are some interesting guests! 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to restock on the sold out bookmarks and postcards, but I do have more selection of prints! I’m also selling the remaining designs of the postcards and there are a few calendars left. 

I’ll be sharing with my friend aku-usagi and sitting beside yummy-suika, they both draw awesome arts so come and say hi! :)

P.S.: I believe the map is only for the artist alley room, for full schedule of the events check the website. 

Totoro’s universe. Tribute to Ghibli. 

Totoro’s universe. Tribute to Ghibli. 

Broken world.

Broken world.

Anonymous sent: Are your bookmarks going to be back in stock soon? :)

Hello! It may take a while for me to restock since I printed them overseas, and shipping is expensive. I am trying to find a cheaper alternative to ship them but until then it might be a month or so before I restock >< sorry about the wait! I’ll definitely make an update when they are back in stock, since I would like to add more designs as well. 

Anonymous sent: Please tell me you have a tutorial on how you make such beautiful art!??!

I do have one tutorial here! Although I don’t really have time nowadays to make any tutorials :( Thank you for your comment though <3 

Anonymous sent: I LOVE YOUR ART. Is it okay if I use it for phone background? ( I always feel bad when I download stuff without asking)

Thank you and yes, definitely you can use it for personal wallpapers! :) 

Quick sky speedpaints.

Beyond the horizons.

Beyond the horizons.