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Hello, I'm Lily~ :)

Welcome to my dreamworld, I only post my art here.

Please DO NOT use/edit my art without permission or remove my source/watermark.

Anonymous sent: Hi ^_^ I really like to paint and sketch and I really look up to you. Your work is lovely and as a fan I was just wondering if when you started you were already really good or you gradually became better? Also did you ever think you would get to this point? And what would you say to people who want to become better? Thanks :D

Hello! Thank you so much for your compliments and I apologize for the late reply, but I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

When you started you were already really good or you gradually became better?

No one starts out being good! It’s a lot of perseverance and finding out what works and what doesn’t. However, when I began drawing in this style I’ve already taken art classes and had basic understandings of art fundamentals. I don’t think I was good per-say, I was just better prepared to pick out colours, compositions, settings, etc. I believe that I did improve since then, but I have many weaknesses that I’m still trying to work on. I am an artist that relies more on intuition than technique, so technically there are many things I still lack.

 Did you ever think you would get to this point?

Hmm, never really thought about any finish lines. I drew because it calmed me to create these dreamworlds, places that only belonged to me and my thoughts (which is why there’s a lot of single silhouettes in many of my drawings). There wasn’t any goal in mind as it was mostly for hobby-sake, so it’s a real surprise and joy to share it with people who also admire it.

What would you say to people who want to become better?

I don’t want to tell you to keep practicing because you probably know that already. It is also not necessarily the only thing which will help you get better. You need to find what motivates you and the value you find in art. Draw because it makes you happy, and try to develop your own style. Be observant and be inspired by the things around you, there is a lot of beauty in the world we live in, which often gets overlooked. You do not need to recreate things the exact way you see them. The sky doesn’t need to be blue, the grass doesn’t need to be green, etc. 

Take inspiration from life but also add your own creativity to it. Imagination is a powerful thing and you can create anything you want to. Do not be afraid to experiment and make mistakes, success is incomplete without failure. There will be many times where you’ll feel unsatisfied that things didn’t turn out how you want but that’s how art is, constant cycle of trial and error, and it’s how you will improve. And lastly, be proud of your art, it is one of the few things that you own and differentiates you from others. 

Good luck! And sorry about this huge wall of text. 

Anonymous sent: Is is ok if if use some of your art for post decorations on another website? I'll link back and credit you

As long as you don’t edit them and the credits/watermark is there then yes. :)

Reposting & Editing Artworks.

Hi guys,

I really didn’t want to make this kind of post but I recently came across many websites using and editing my art without permission. Just this week I came across 4-5 sites taking my work and cutting off the watermarks, all without permission.

I also came across this tumblr: that stole 5-6 of my artworks and took out my watermarks and edited them. They didn’t respond to any of my messages so I had to file a report to have them taken down. They are still stealing artwork from other artists, including several people I know on DA and getting hundreds of notes on each post. Since expressing my frustration to them has been of no use, please avoid that blog and stop reblogging stuff from there. It’s so frustrating to artists that put so much time into their works only to have people like this steal it, completely disrespecting the people who created them. :/ 

With that said, I do not mind people using my art for personal stuff, such as wallpapers and iphone screens, you don’ t need to ask me for that. What I am not okay with is people taking it without asking, editing and taking out my watermark, and putting it on their blog/site with not even a link back to the original. This is rude and ruins the integrity of the original piece, just because I put it online does not give people the right to do that. It’s not just me, but other artists as well, please respect their hard work. 

With that said, I appreciate those of you who do ask me :) And despite those issues, I truly enjoy sharing my art with you all.

Anonymous sent: Hi this is the person who would die if they could get your bookmarks. I want to visit Fanexpo, but I'm not confirmed for going yet. Can I bother you later about saving bookmarks?!?! I think I would actually die if I got your bookmarks!!

Sure! :)

HTTYD mixed with my style~

HTTYD mixed with my style~

Anonymous sent: Hello! I was just wondering if you could post a link to your online store, and is there bookmarks already for sale on there or only if you have some leftover from the expo? I just really love your work and I read a lot so I would really REALLY enjoy having a few bookmarks from you. :3

Hello! This is my online store: 

Due to popular demand, my bookmarks are AVAILABLE in my store now for $2! Limited stock available though, so grab it quick if you would like one and can’t come to the convention. Shipping is a flat rate of $2 for Canadians, $3 for US Citizens and $6 for International no matter how many bookmarks you buy. Thank you for your support! 

thecanadianderp sent: Hello! I was just wondering what day(s) you'll be at FanExpo because your bookmarks are gorgeous and I would love to have them <3

Heya! I’ll be there all 4 days (Aug 28-31) from opening to closing so find me anytime! ^^ 

Anonymous sent: do you sell your art at anime north?

I might depending on how well Fanexpo goes. It’s actually gonna be my first convention ^^; (noob at this D:) 


LOL noo don’t die, I will save some for you :D You can send me a PM with your name if you would like me to reserve prints/bookmarks/calendars for you! 

Anonymous sent: How can I find you at fan-expo!!!!

Hey! I’ll be posting the floor plan up in August, will definitely make an update about it. Can’t wait to see you guys!  ^^